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Woodsy the Owl

Woodsy the Owl 
At the 
Woonsocket Harris Public Library
Presented by Urban Forestry Program
A Division of the RIDEM Division of Forest Environment
Tuesday August  26th  2-3pm
Free tickets available starting August 18th in the children’s room.
Tee Jay  Boudreau, a coordinator from the RIDEM will be at the library to read from the book “Why would anyone cut a tree down?” He will discuss the importance of trees in our environment. 
And a special visit from Woodsy the Owl who tells families to “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute”  and “Lend a hand, care for the land.”     Great for ages 3 & up. 

K-5 Summer Reading List Materials

Parenting Matters

An Invitation to Participate



Bringing "PARENTING MATTERS" to our Community

FACILITATOR: Ann B. Smith, a former Woonsocket Middle and High School educator, as well as a Mother and Grandmother.

TOGETHER, we will become an authentic partnership to prepare little ones for a succesful and meaningful life.  We will work together to develop a parent empowerment model needed to reach our goals.  When parents are positive, empowered role models, they bui;ld stability in their families and in the community.

FOR: Parents with children, infants to 5 years old are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

WHERE: Woonsocket Harris Library - Utilizing their vast related reading resources.

DATE: Tuesday, August 19, 11 a.m.



Free Summer Programs for Kids at the Woonsocket Harris Public Library

Mark your calendars! Here is a list of the performers  coming to the 
Woonsocket Harris Public Library in June, July and August
Free Tickets for Woonsocket Library performers will be given out one week prior to the show date.
Summer Reading Kickoff Event
June 30th @ 2pm For Kids Kindergarten to Grade 5
 Free King Arthur Show @ Monday June 30th 2-3pm
Books Are Wings FREE Book Give-A-Way & Balloons & Face painting
@ Monday June 30th 2:30-4pm
Free Special Performers for Kindergarten to Grade 5
Dave Marchetti’s Live Animal Show @ Monday July 7th 2-3pm
Biomes Tidepool Live Animals  @ Tuesday July 8th 2-3pm
Ben Franklin Show @ Monday July 14th 2-3pm
Ronald McDonald @ Tuesday  July 15th 1:30-2:30
Polynesian Fusion Music & Dance @ Tuesday August 12th 2-3pm
Summer Reading Game                     
To play the game all you have to do is be entering Kindergarten Through 5th grade. 
Read 6 books from the time school ends to the week before school starts. 
For EVERY book you read you will get some kind of prize.  What are the prizes? You can get free coupons to visit exciting places like the Providence Children’s Museum, the Museum of Work and Culture here in Woonsocket, Roger Williams Zoo and much more! Plus kids get to pick a prize out of the prize box and choose a free book. 
Come to the children’s room of the Woonsocket Harris Public Library and tell us at the desk what book you read. We will write it on a special reading record and you will put a sticker next to your name on our star reader chart 
every time you read a book you get a prize. The game begins the week of July 7th.