Woonsocket Harris Public Library Internet Use Policy

The Woonsocket Harris Public Library is working to make the ever-broadening world of information
accessible to our patrons through the use of electronic databases, CD-ROMS, and Internet workstations.
The library has the responsibility to provide information. However, the library has no control over the
information accessed, and cannot be held responsible for the content, or the availability, of any Internet
site at any given time. Woonsocket Harris Public Library is not responsible for damage to a patron's
diskette, CD, DVD, USB flash drive or computer, or for the loss of any data, or liability that may occur.
Parents are advised to be aware of the information their child may be accessing. A child's access to the
Internet, like any other library materials, is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. In order to
comply with federal regulations, all computers are filtered. Parents should be aware that such software
limits access to some, but not all sites.

Users of Internet workstations must comply with the following rules:

  • Users must respect the privacy of other library patrons using the Internet.
  • Users are expected to use these resources for lawful purposes, and in a responsible, ethical manner.
  • Users may not conduct business on library computers.
  • Users may not alter the configuration of library computer systems, and may not load software onto any
  • workstation.
  • Users are limited to 2 sign-ins of 1 hour each per day. If there are no others waiting to use the computers
  • this limit may be extended by 30 minute intervals at the discretion of the library staff.
  • Printing is $.25 per page.
  • Preschool children may not use the workstations unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Library staff will assist patrons with Internet use as time permits, but cannot offer extended personal instruction.
  • Failure to honor any of these rules will result in the loss of Internet privileges.

Computer Lab Rules

The Woonsocket Harris Public Library has a number of computers for the public to use for email,
searching the internet, word processing, and many other uses. The computers can be found in three
locations in the library: the Children's Department, the Young Adult area, and the Reference Department.
There is also a computer that has JAWS (Job Access With Speech) screen reading software installed for
visually impaired patrons.
Per government regulations, all of the library's computers are filtered by a software called 8e6. Patrons 18
and over may have this software disabled upon request.
The Woonsocket Harris Public Library has a formal Internet Use Policy in place, but these are some of
the guidelines to remember when using the public computers:
You need to sign in to use the computers.
You need an Ocean State Libraries (OSL) library card in good standing in order to use the computers in
the library. If you have fines over $5.00, you will need to pay enough to bring your fines below $5.00
before you will be given access to a computer. Lost materials need to be paid off completely before you
may use a computer. Patron's time on the computers is managed by Envisionware software. If all of the
computers are being used, patrons can reserve the next available computer by going to the Print Release
station to make the request.

You have up to one hour to use the computers.

Because of the number of people who wish to use the computers at the library, you are limited to two

sign-ins of an hour per day each. If there are no others waiting to use the computers this limit may be extended by 30 minute intervals at the discretion of the library staff.

Beverages are not allowed in the Computer Labs.

Although the library allows beverages in other parts of the library, they are not allowed in the computer lab areas or in the local history area. Bottles and cans must remain sealed or unopened in these areas.

No Viewing of Inappropriate Websites.  Viewing websites that are deemed inappropriate by library staff (such as pornographic, excessively violent, gambling, etc.) will not be tolerated. Library employees have the right to revoke computer privileges from patrons using the computers in an inappropriate manner.

No downloads to the hard drive of the public computers.

The public computers have software installed to keep our system files intact. This software prevents anything from being saved to the computer, but allows patrons to save materials to a diskette, CD, DVD or USB flash drive. We also do not allow patrons to bring in their own software programs to load onto the public computers.

Printouts are 25 cents per page.

If you bring your own paper, printing still costs 25 cents per page to cover the cost of ink. Patrons are allowed to bring in their own diskettes, CDs, DVDs or USB flash drives, however CDs and diskettes can also be purchased at the Circulation Desk for $1.00. Patrons are responsible for paying for all of their individual printing. Printing is managed by Envisionware software, which is installed on all of the computers for public use. After printing from their computer, patrons must go to the Print Release station and pay before their documents are printed.

Computer Assistance

There is a computer lab monitor available to answer the public's questions at certain times during the
week. His schedule is posted in the Adult Computer Lab, and he is the person to see if you have a
particular question or need one-on-one assistance. Depending upon staffing and library traffic, the
Reference staff is not always available to assist patrons in the computer lab.