Science Saturday

Sat, 03/31/2018 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm

New program

Saturday March 31st 2-4pm. Ages 6 & up with adult.

Hands-on science experiments and activities using Water

Sink or Swim will depict the properties of bouyancy. Choose objects from the table and drop them in the water. Will they sink or swim?

Which liquids ar denser than others? Check out our density tower and make an ocean in a bottle.

Ice is nice! Which ice cube will move first? plain, table salt or kosher salt?  Gone fishing will challenge kids to see if they can get a string to stick to an ice cube

Wanna build a snowman?  Check out the amazing properties of Insta-Snow. Using purified water make a snowman. Build a "snowman" using marshmellows.

Surface tension is cool. How many pennies/paperclips can you put in a glass of water. How many drops can you fit on a penny. Make a bug out of consturction paper that can walk on water. 

Great for ages 6 & up with adult caregiver. 

Sorry, this program is not for preschoolers. 

Walk-ins welcome so long as there is space

Those who register will receive a reminder phone call