Frequently Asked Questions - Using technology at the library

FAQs related to using technology at the library

The library has one fax machine for public use at the Circulation Desk. It costs $1.00 per page to send a fax, and $.50 per page to receive faxes.

It costs $.25 per page to print in the library's computer labs. Color printing is available in both the Adult and Children's Labs.

You need an Ocean State Libraries (OSL) library card in good standing in order to use the computers in
the library. If you have fines over $5.00, you will need to pay enough to bring your fines below $5.00
before you will be given access to a computer. Lost materials need to be paid off completely before you
may use a computer. Patron's time on the computers is managed by Envisionware software. If all of the
computers are being used, patrons can reserve the next available computer by going to the Print Release
station to make the request.